Dvara E-Registry’s Business Correspondent Services to Banks

Dvara E-Registry is an agrifintech start-up that has developed an integrated platform called Doordrishti that brings together all the stakeholders in the agri value chain for smallholder farmer financial inclusion and productivity. One of the core services that Dvara E-Registry offers to banks is that of a Business Correspondent for Agricultural Lending.

Banks face multiple challenges in granting crop loans to smallholder farmers including from cost and personnel involved in reaching remote areas, physical presence to carry out the loans process. Through Doordrishti, Dvara E-Registry has an established stronghold among local Farmer Producer Organisations, designated field workers called Krishak Saathis that are on field, building relationships with farmers. Through the Doordrishti Platform, Dvara E-Registry offers multiple financial and productivity enhancing services to the farmers and FPOs that help in maximising their profit generation. With Doordrishti’s extensive reach and access to farmers, Dvara E-Registry can help banks increasing their agricultural loan portfolio.

Why Should Banks Choose Dvara E-Registry to be their Business Correspondent for Agricultural Lending?

Dvara E-Registry has developed an integrated lending model for farmers through FPOs with a goal of making farm loans work better for farmers, FPOs and the lending institutions. Dvara does this through Doordrishti by approaching farmers through Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs). Through the FPO, Doordrishti gains access to large farmer groups, understanding farmer business activity while capturing detailed information regarding demography, crops sown for each season in the current and previous years and their business history. KhetScore, an AI-based farm score developed by Dvara E-Registry, leverages remotely sensed data from several satellites and enables remote multi-dimensional assessment of both historical and concurrent agricultural activity.

This serves as a pre-assessment and alternative/additional data source of farmers’ business activity and their transactions with the FPO. It would further assist in making underwriting decisions for farmers. Dvara E-Registry acts as a Business Correspondent (BC), assisting in loan disbursement and recovery. Our FPO services also provide invaluable insights into loan utilization and can guide interventions on loan optimization when required. This helps de-risk the loan for lenders considerably.

Dvara’s FPO and Farmer Services provide advisory, market linkages that help the farmers and FPOs make informed decisions, bring them better bargains and ultimately have a relatively successful crop season. Dvara E-Registry’s approach of helping farmers succeed in their business by addressing all their requirements via the FPO allows to build a strong connection with the end farmer while obtaining business-specific data regarding the farmers and alternate data such as behavioural and remote sensing-based data. This 360-degree approach, along with a strong on-ground presence allows Dvara E-Registry to find farmers who want credit products, underwrite these with our data-based scoring models, document and service such products and follow up for collections where necessary. Doordrishti helps the farmers succeed by engaging them through a mobile application where they receive customised advisory, information on their FPO’s procurement activities, block level weather updates and alerts, credit and warehouse linkages and price dissemination. These services help in enhancing farmer success, resulting in finding credit worthy farmers and reduced risk in credit underwriting.   

Benefits of having Dvara E-Registry as your Business Correspondent for Agricultural Lending

  • Dvara E-Registry, through the Doordrishti Platform ensures farmer and FPO success, and in turn the bank’s success.
  • With the help of Doordrishti and existing presence of Dvara in over ten states of India, the banks do not need to have a physical presence in remote, rural areas.
  • Agricultural loans are priority sector loans – working with Doordrishti helps banks in meeting their required (and more) targets of agricultural loans that are diversified across crops, geographies and borrowers.
  • Through Doordrishti’s system of data analytics, lead generation and filtration, Dvara E-Registry ensures that loans are sanctioned to high quality, reliable portfolios.
  • Dvara E-Registry offers end to end lending services beginning from lead generation, due diligence and coordinating repayments with individual borrowers.

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