About Us

Dvara E-Registry was born from the desire to see agriculture as a viable and sustainable business venture. Leveraging the power of technology and data analytics, with a goal to increase farm productivity and increased access to agricultural credit for smallholder farmers, we developed Doordrishti, a 360-degree platform.

Dvara E-Registry works with Farmer Producer Organisations and their member farmers in rural India. Through Doordrishti, FPOs and farmers gain access to multiple services like plot digitisation, crop analytics and advisory that enhance their crop productivity and reduces their cost of cultivation, give them access to loans and insurance and provide market linkages that help in selling their produce at a profitable price.

Through Doordrishti and its technological products, Dvara E-Registry provides farm-specific current and historical data in the form of refined analytics that helps businesses make informed decisions. Be it financial institutions that are looking to minimise risk and increase their agricultural loan portfolio, insurance companies that are in search of innovative crop monitoring models or agribusiness that are looking for extended reach and partnerships, Dvara E-Registry is at your service!


Dvara E-Registry is a portfolio company of Dvara Holdings (formerly Dvara Trust) and part of the Dvara Venture Studio cohort that supports entrepreneurs working towards large-scale systemic change in financial inclusion.