Financial Institutions​

Dvara E-Registry provides multiple services and solutions to Financial Institutions that sanction agri loans to farmers.

Agricultural Lending Services

As a Business Correspondent, Dvara E-Registry leverages the Doordrishti platform to get access to smallholder farmers, identify creditworthy farmers through data analytics and support through loan sanction, disbursement and recovery. This integrated financial delivery model for farm loans tackles the biggest pain points faced by financial institutions by significantly increasing the farmer reach, decreasing service acquisition costs especially for smallholder farmers, increases visibility on cash flow, credit history and alternate incomes and mitigate the risk of loan default.

Dvara’s distributed presence across ten states allows us to help financial institutions create diversified, low-risk farmer loan portfolios across crops and regions.

Farm Analytics through KhetScore and KhetScore Now

Dvara E-Registry developed a multi-dimensional historical farm level analytics model called KhetScore that can be used by financial institutions for credit underwriting decisions. These analytics make agricultural loans accessible and profitable for farmers, FPOs and financial institutions. This alternative credit underwriting model can be used by Financial Institutions to gain access to New to Credit farmers, even in the absence of a formal credit score. For more information about Khetscore, read our blog.

KhetScore Now is a real-time crop monitoring service provided by Dvara E-Registry that can be used by Financial Institutions to monitor crops and plots remotely. This service helps the banks in faster tranche disbursements, reduces cost of field visits and conduct activity-based lending to mitigate losses.

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