Input & Output Companies

Input and Output Agribusinesses

Dvara E – Registry’s Doordrishti platform provides aggregated information to the FPOs on their member farmers input requirements, time of requirement, tentative credit requirement to meet input demand, crop health and yield estimates. This aggregated information is not only helpful for planning their business activities efficiently but also help Agri-input companies and commodity buyers to get visibility on the FPO requirements and offerings. These Agri-Value chain companies can offer their products and services at best competitive rates.

Agri-input companies dealing in Seeds, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Bio Products, Farm Machinery and equipment, irrigation systems, and other products through Doordrishti platform can gauge the aggregated demand of the FPOs, time of requirement and can offer them product at a competitive price. Agri-input companies benefit through this by gaining access to new customers from across locations and receiving aggregated demand makes it convenient for them to plan for logistics. Simultaneously, FPOs receive access to quality Agri-inputs in timely manner and at a competitive price.

Doordrishti platform provides information on crop area, crop health, growth stages, and estimates crop yields. This helps commodity buyers get a fair idea about the quantum of commodity production, quality that FPOs can offer. Buying directly from FPOs help buyers in getting commodity at a better price and they get cleaned, sorted, graded and packaged commodities. FPOs can even undertake contract farming if buyer requirement is of specific quality. Platform also offers traceability of the produce which is many a times a requirement of high-end consumers. Advantage for FPOs is that they get access to direct buyers which leads to better price realization as middlemen areobliterated. 

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