FPOs and Farmers

FPOs and Agricultural Value Chain Players

With a vision to address the problems faced by FPOs and farmers, Dvara E-Registry has created the Doordrishti Platform, a “Success Platform for FPOs and Farmers” that addresses their challenges by providing integrated farm services, analytics and financial solutions. Doordrishti reaches out to the farmers via FPOs providing innovative solutions to their problems both at an organisational and individual level. 

Doordrishti is a holistic platform which digitises the FPO’s activities, that manages all the data of farmers, their landholdings and crops under cultivation. It provides insights on the crop area, crop health, and crop stages of the farmers. Platform offer valuable insights on the Agri – input demand from the member farmers based on crop area, variety and date of sowing. This aids FPO in business planning, inventory management and efficient use of credit. For procurement of commodities, FPOs share commodity purchase details with farmers through app that assist farmers plan sales activity. Platform delivers other valuable information like APMC and Futures prices of various commodities, Weather updates, directory of WDRA of approved warehouse present in the vicinity and accounting platform to undertake accounting activities, filing taxes and maintaining balance/P&L Sheets and much more. DER assists FPOs to get connected to Agri-input supplier, commodity buyers and financial lenders.

Doordrishti helps the farmers succeed by engaging them through a mobile application where they receive customized crop advisory, credit linkages, block level weather updates and alerts, warehouse connect and price information from various APMC markets, Electronic trade platforms and of own FPO along with visibility on FPO’s all input sales and commodity procurement activities. To ensure no farmer is left behind, farmers who do not have access to smart phones receive information via SMSs.


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