Associate Remote Sensing Specialist

Job Category: Associate Remote Sensing Specialist
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Hyderabad
Number of Position: 1

Job Purpose

  • Apply remote sensing and GIS principles and methods to analyse data for agriculture related solutions. May need to develop new analytical techniques, algorithms, and remote sensing-based products. To work with other teams on building crop specific analytics pertaining to credit, insurance, and extension activities.

Key Accountabilities and Deliverables

  • Design or implement strategies for analysis and display of geographic data using GIS.
  • To classify crop types using remote sensing satellite imagery at plot level.
  • To be able to correlate the yield statistics and general performance of the crop in the field, including damage assessment using remote sensing.
  • To identify the crop stages of different crops using optical remote sensing and SAR remote sensing.
  • Understanding and analysis of time series data from sensors.
  • Develop or build databases for remote sensing or related geospatial projects.
  • Implementation of remote sensing/GISprocess using Python and related API’s.
  • Create algorithms to solve challenging machine learning problems.
  • Prepare scientific or technical reports or presentations related to remote sensing and geospatial applications in agriculture.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Masters in Remote Sensing&GIS
  • Ph.D. in Remote Sensing is desired but not mandatory


  • Between 3-7 years of experience
  • Should have worked on multiple projects that clearly demonstrate and understanding of using remotely sensed data for agriculture.
  • Experience in Land Use classification, crop identification, crop health monitoring and crop yield estimation.
  • Experience in applying such data to credit will be an advantage.

Knowledge/Skills required:

  • Multi-spectral (MS) and SAR data usage experience
  • Experience in agriculture, drought/flood, and meteorology applications
  • Expertise on Pandas, geo pandas, Scikit-learn, tensorflow, keras, gdal, Matplotlib, and SciPy Python packages
  • GIS and remote sensing related software, like QGIS, SNAP, and any other open-source software
  • Excellent programming skills in python
  • Fundamentals of machine learning and deep learning
  • Commonly used machine learning algorithms
  • Strong communication skills

Competencies required

  • Creative and Strategical Thinking
  • Logical thinking with the ability to conceptualize scale in analytics
  • Analytical skills
  • Relationship building and management
  • Team building and management skills
  • Writing skills for creating appropriate documents


  • Head of Data Science
  • Peers within the Dvara E-Registry – Product and Sales, Technology, R&D, and Agronomist


  • External customers

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